The Ever Elusive “Job…”


Things got interesting for me this morning when I woke up at around 10 AM.  I realized I hadn’t been putting my name out there  for potential jobs.  It’s a hell of a thing to wake up to, especially with the change of season upon us all.  There are goals to meet. There at so many things to do.  There’s all that damned Spring Cleaning I’ve been putting off (mostly because it seems other people have left ME in charge of it for the whole family).


But having been home for about year, I’ve noted how pathetic everyone seems to think the economy is out here.  In a place like New York City, one doesn’t normally expect that to happen.  I know I sure didn’t when I made me way back here from a town in Illinois where I was living at one time with an old college friend.


But then I had to try to find a job out here.  That was when I found out how bad things really are.


I’ve developed a routine for how I do it now.  There are websites I’ve bookmarked just for the express purpose of the search.  Search engines, resume engineering, cover letter writing, phone calls, and the use of family connections have all been a part of my arsenal for the claiming of mount JOBMORE in the name of my Spanish relatives.  I hoof it from time to time, walking the streets.  I do it to get away, but I can’t help but think of the new structures that are being built around this place, wondering if I can land at job with any of the companies that hire workers for high rise residences.  It’s crap work, but I’ve got bills to pay.


There are indeed tons of things to be frustrated about in today’s job search, but the one thing that has really started to aggravate me are the words “previous experience required,” particularly when it comes to minimum wage jobs that a Cocker Spaniel could do blindfolded.


I don’t mind hard work.  In fact I often find at the jobs that I have held that I have been the one to step up to do the work that nobody else wanted to do.  That all stopped being worth it at the last shit job that I held at some publishing factory in Oregon.  All I got for my hard work there was tennis elbow and a serious grudge against the temp agency that refused to help me find a better job.


But nowadays, clicking on any type of minimum wage job ad on places like “” or other websites often gets you into the description of the job followed by the words “previous experience required” or “At least 5 years experience preferred.”   And these are all for ENTRY LEVEL positions.  Come on, really? Do I need 5 years worth of experience saying “you want fries with that?”


Yet when you hear the news reports and read the internet articles, you begin to realize that for every one job out there, there may be close to a thousand applicants who all think that they’re qualified.  What are the odds that many of them DO have more experience than I do “selling shoes” or “cashiering?”  With lay offs being so wide spread across the country, the chances are pretty high.  It makes me wonder why I should bother to try.


But I literally cannot afford to give in to that despair, especially not now.


Getting back into the hunt felt a lot like being a pro wrestler that’s come out of retirement.  I wonder if I’ve still got the strength and speed I need to land my moves.  I ponder whether or not I’m still in decent enough shape for the camera.  I wonder, most of all, if I can still sell myself as the bad ass that everyone needs to see, that everyone wants to be like.  I wonder, if after all this time, anyone wants to hire me at all.


Sitting in front of the computer and typing in “” in the browser section of “google chrome” was one of the slowest-going things I’ve had to do for a while.  I just dreaded that it would mean more the same endless drudgery that burned me out in the first place.  The computer screen felt like it was disappearing further and further into the distance the longer I sat there, waiting, willing myself to press “enter” on my keyboard.  I just didn’t want to start this all over again.


But start it I did.  And then I continued it.  I filled out two online applications and that was all I could stomach before I had to quit 4 hours later.


I’ll try it again either tomorrow or the day after.  There are plenty of other things to do.  A book needs to be written.  Cleaning needs to happen.  A family needs to be subtly taken care of from the shadows



I need a  vacation – previous experience required.


After having held job after job after job that I’ve hated, I just want to do something I can tolerate until I launch a career as a writer.  Let’s face it folks.  Life is not worth living if you have to lie about what or who you love.



Adios, my  fine feathered friends.


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