Pushing through

I pushed through a ton of Spring Cleaning Today.  I didn’t have any grand revelations about how fun it really is.  I didn’t whistle while I worked.  I still hate it.  Oh well…


haven’t written anything until just now.


And I realize as I type this next sentence that the last one I typed is a lie.


I have been writing.  I’ve been messaging people on Skype.  I’ve been messaging people on Facebook.  I’ve been messaging a Canadian friend of mine in Alberta, and talking to another Canadian friend of mine, on and off, in Nova Scotia.  And before you ask, the Canadians DON’T know each other at all.


So yeah, people do write all the time, and they don’t even know it.  The fact that I want to write for a living  is kind of surprising when I think about how much writing a lot of us PAY to do when we text on our smart phones and pay for our home routers if we have any.


I know I know.  Some of you out there don’t pay at all.  I won’t give you away. .today 😉


Sometimes ideas come to me at the strangest times.  Other times, I can sit in front of a keyboard  and screen and just stare (much like I was just doing) and not have a thing come to me of note.  It happens.


But the funniest thing occurred to me as I was sitting here and whining to myself about my not writing.  I actually write a hell of a lot all the time. And you all do too.


Let’s try another example, shall we?  How many of you out there who are looking for work have had to write resumes and cover letters in the last few months?  That takes some serious writing ability and dedication, I can assure you!


How many of you have written detailed e-mails to friends or co-workers just today?


Any of you lately writing messages to your local congressional officials over …anything in particular?


Nurse friends of mine probably had to type in a bunch of info on their patients.  My bestie, [J.Marie Ravenshaw], perhaps, had to do something like this in the last 48 hours.


And BOY do people blog.  Just on this website alone I think I counted something like 50 different blogs I have yet to even peek at, and there’s probably hundreds of thousands more out there waiting for someone to point and click at the links that lead to them.


It makes me feel slightly less annoyed at myself when I sit here and lament my lack of writing time.  I’ve written tons already.  It’s probably just not going to go into a book unless you want to read about all the fun things that me and my friends talk about on Skype.  Something tells me MOST of you don’t, and for those that do…erm…BACK OFF PERVS!!


I digress of course.


This is a sillier me typing at you all today.  I don’t mind at all.  Perhaps this means I won’t need to harangue you all about some of the things that bother me about living.  There’s plenty of time for that, my loyal followers (and future followers).


People can rail against social media all they want to.  I do, and I’m using it right now!!!  But I won’t deny that I get a thrill out of knowing that I just got another follower to my humble blog.  I’m sure that many of you who blog feel the same way, and the ones who start today are going to anticipate that little thrill of acknowledgement. Some “ping” or “dinging” noise will indicate that they’ve just attained a follower or a comment.  Discourse will probably ensue.  Contact may be made in such ways


But I still would rather the phone call.  Better still, face to face hugs from friends and kisses from lovers.  But we are living in the 21st century and, like it or not,  we have redefined our relationships with some of our nearest and dearest thanks to modern technology.


I can tell you that psychologically, the thrills we get from blogging and texting might be sort of Pavlovian in nature.  Or maybe we’re simply talking about a Skinnerian system of positive and negative reinforcement.  Those fancy terms don’t matter, really (though I am sure you can google them and come up with their significance :P).  All I know is that the only orange alert I want to see these days is the little orange box at the upper right of this screen next to the box marked with the “New Post”  Link.  Another lamb will be led to the slaughter.. I mean I might have another fan.


Pardon me.  Horror comes out of my brain sideways.  I better get back to writing some of that, too.


Maybe I’ll use this music as inspiration…



I’m feeling a little less alone tonight.  I don’t care what the forum for it was, but I got to talk to some friends from around the world.  And I’m still blown away that people from the Phillipines or from the Republic of Korea may actually read this later…


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