We Should be Ashamed!

We are Americans.


Some of our forefathers had the time, the imagination, and the cojones to leave England in order to found a country where people were eventually DECLARED to have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of property..I mean happiness.


I grew up in this country as an American Puerto Rican with a big brain, lots of relatives who barely spoke English, and a hell of a lot of reason to prove myself .  I quickly realized that my pale skin actually left me at an advantage if  I was willing to deny my Hispanic heritage.  I wasn’t.  I had a cousin who was given the opportunity to have a modeling contract as a young girl if she were willing to change her last name from Hernandez to Herns.  As far as I know, she was not given the chance to do this.


But I digress.


We are, at this point in time, not going to discuss issues of racism.  We are not going to discuss xenohobia, though it’s rampant here.  Mexicans and Middle Easterners still need to beware of the curse of their own heritage.  “Who boy!!!”


But we are going to discuss the serious miscarriage of justice that just took place in North Carolina.


Americans boast about the freedoms that we take for granted. I’d like to understand how a country with a divorce rate greater than 50 percent can look at what NC has just done and not feel shame. The institution of marriage cannot be considered sacred when shows like “the Bachelor” rule our televisions, and people like Kim Kardashian and Octomom are revered for their lack of commitment.


Just what the hell am I supposed to say now?  Go Team USA? (snicker)


I’m not just saying this because I have gay friends, and I’m not trying to convey any sort of anti government hatred.  Goodness knows that big brother may be reading this God Damned blog, and the last thing I need is another orange alert in my fair city over little ol’ me…


But if that’s too cryptic for you, let’s get literal.


I am an American.  I would love to boast that all citizens of this country are considered equals under the eyes of the law, especially since I was raised Catholic and I was taught that everyone is the same in the “Good Lord’s sight.”  I’ve read the Bible, and I will not engage in a debate with people over the literal interpretation of its word, because guess what?  I don’t fucking believe that we can take the whole thing literally.  I believe that much of it was allegorical in nature.  I also believe that much of the Old testament was written at a time where society was largely patriarchal in scope.  I would LOVE to see one of you walk up to Michelle Obama and tell her to get her bitch ass back in the kitchen and start dropping babies.


I dare you…Seriously.


And yes,  I know that the Bible (at least the King James version) has actual words that convey the “sin” that is “man laying with another man.”  But the same text also refers to not eating pork because it’s possessed by demons, and keeping holy on the Sabbath, which may or may NOT be Sunday.  I’ve got news for those of you who are ‘ignant.’   We Americans have decided to work fifty to eighty hour work weeks, which includes Sunday.  Strike one.  We eat pork.  It’s called bacon, Arbies and Subway sandwiches.    Pigs aren’t possessed by the Devil and I bet they’re smarter than a lot of the people that would take offense to this  post.  Don’t like it?  Get the fuck over it!  I’m pissed now.  Strike two.


And by the way,  why is it that the  bible thumping nimrods who hate gay people are the same people who think that when Jesus comes back he wants to see a fucking cross around people’s necks?  I think Bill Hicks said it best.


“That’s a bit like walking up to Jackie O’ Nassis with a rifle pendant on, aint it?”



Think about that.


And think about this.  Gay, straight, old, young, black, white, citizen or otherwise, THIS can happen to you.



Get educated.  Get a will.  And remember, if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything…


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