It’s Not Over ;)

This song came on over the radio at my job and it got stuck in my head.  Take a good guess as to why. 😉

It’s a catchy tune, but when you hear the chorus over and over again in your brain because a couple of cleaning people are taking their sweet time as they slowly take more and more of your weekend from you, you start to get a little angry.

So I’m home now, and I plan on writing, beer in hand, in about 15 minutes.  My time, as I’ve said before, is precious to me, and I’ll be damned if I don’t finish my book. 🙂

My feet are throbbing and I have to go back to work in a little over 12 hours, but I’m doing okay. My boss is nice too.  TOTALLY helps my mood 😉 She’s offered to buy a couple of us lunch because we stayed with her and went above and beyond.  I was the last to stay because I wouldn’t leave her alone with two strange men even though they seemed like nice guys.  I’m the son of an ex law enforcement professional. What else can I say?  I’m old fashioned and protective ..

Enough about that.  I gotto kick off my shoes and get myself in the mood to write here.

I’ll blog more as the week goes on.  Fear not, my loyal followers! LOL

Oh yeah..This vid’s here because I felt like it  and it’s fun 😉



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