Working on chapter 11

I kid you not when I say that working on four major projects at once is a daunting task. Only writing could ever make me work that hard or be this rewarding.


Speaking of my writing, Unbreakable, chapters oneten has done fairly well in the rankings, but I am not yet among the top thirty. While my determination says that this serial is bound to be a success no matter the votes, the reality is I still need a fair fan base voting on my serial in order for it to continue. The editor at Jukepop Serials has been kind enough to remind us of this fact every once in a blue moon, and I for one do not intend to be voted off the island, as it were, by not getting votes.


I’ve gotten 60 votes. That’s not bad for something that’s only ten chapters in length. I’ll need more, though. I know you guys are out there. Even your Thanksgiving leftovers are gone, black Friday and Cyber Monday are over (though the deals are still kind of hot), and you’re going to need a break from it all. Those who enjoy horror/paranormal stories should take their goose bump- enjoying, thrill-seeking selves  to Unbreakable and get something out of it. And when you get there and vote on any or all of my chapters, tell your friends and have your friends tell their friends.


I wonder if I can hit seventy + votes this week. I’ve got a new chapter coming tomorrow. Let’s see how this goes, shall we? Look forward to this newest installment. It provides some interesting insights into two of my favorite characters ever.


Speaking of, it’s time to finish writing chapter 11. Adios for now.






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