And Then There Were 16 –

Of course, by 16, I mean chapters to my serial, ‘Unbreakable’ which can be found on If you follow the ‘Unbreakable’ link, this will take you to the beginning of my serial. If you follow the ’16’ link, you’ll come to the latest chapter of this ever-growing story. To make things a tad easier, I set up the links so that you can open them in other tabs. This way, you don’t leave my blog right away unless you really want to. It’s a simple thing, but I haven’t been doing it, so my apologies. Anyways, chapter 16 involves a bit more of your friendly neighborhood, rifle toting Asian bad ass. The things I’ve learned about him as he’s told me his story are incredible.

I guess that’s one of the things about writing that always strikes me. Characters are always telling me their stories, and I am finding new ways to sort of translate what they say to me in whispers (or in many cases, shouts). I bring these stories to all my readers in the most exciting ways that I know how simply because my characters deserve that kind of attention.

But they say that real life is stranger than fiction. Think about this, and then ask yourself why so many fiction writers are working so hard to come up with original ideas for their readers? A journal of my time spent in mental health work will always read like something out of a novel, but that’s only because I wouldn’t pull any punches in its writing. I might leave out names for legal reasons, but the stories are no less real, and in some ways, no less heartbreaking.

So I leave you with that tidbit of information about my writing process. I know there are miles to go before I perfect any parts of my writing. Even when I feel I can do no wrong in a serial like this, that doesn’t mean that my audience has to agree with me. I guess in this case, votes tell me a story as well. I’m sitting on 85 votes. That’s not terrible for 16 weeks of work brought to you commercial free (I hope). But I know I can do better. It seems strange to me that I would ever write for votes, but at the same time, it does a heart good to know that my writing is being read and appreciated.

But I will earn every vote that I get. That’s a fact. There’s no excuse for pandering or milking connections. When it comes to the quality of my work, I ultimately leave it up to my audience to decide if it holds up.

So come read and enjoy. If you like what you read, vote on my chapters. Somehow, I don’t think my readers want me to cancel this series. I don’t get to keep it going without your votes.


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