Warriors Act.

Years ago, when I was exploring my spiritual side, a young woman with long, dark hair and a radiant smile came up to me while I was eating breakfast, touched my shoulder and declared for everyone to hear that I was a warrior. While this won’t shock anyone who knows me, the reason it was such a shock to me was that she was aspecting a Norse deity when she touched my shoulder and made this statement. For those who don’t know, in some spiritual circles, when one aspects, one essentially meditates over and takes on the characteristics of any deity to whom they feel they somehow relate. It may sound hokey to some, but I’ve seen many strange things happen when people choose to aspect in a spiritual setting. Someday, I might write more about that.  The particular deity this young woman was aspecting was Freya. According to my limited Norse mythological education, she was some sort of warrior Goddess. In that moment, I wasn’t just a warrior, I was “her” warrior.

I’ve not forgotten that. It has filled my world since then for one simple reason.

It is truth.

It would be easy for me to declare myself a warrior for simply trying to live my life. Anyone can list all the complications of their own universe, and from their perspective, their sheer survival proves that they are fighters.

And they would be right.

The human existence is a tough one to navigate. Western society, for instance, expects one to be raised in a family, to figure out a direction in their lives, to seek out their passion, to find others who share such passion, to create a new family, and to pass this wisdom onto offspring. Anyone who sits there and tells you that this is easy hasn’t had to fight for their sanity in the midst of all the hair pulling to make ends meet while retaining a sense of self. It’s too easy to fade into the background in this increasingly alienating society. The evolution in communication technology hasn’t made me feel any better about my chances of even landing a hot date in New York City, let alone navigating through an economically discouraging world.

But would a real warrior chose to stop and compare their life to that of others just to declare themselves the toughest warrior on the battlefield, or do they simply act?

The new year is upon us all. It’s about time people realized that those of us who act have no time to hear the constant whining of those of us who don’t. I no longer have a concept of a New Years resolution because I’m still working on my goals from three years ago. The fact that they are so slow in coming to fruition cannot stop me from meeting them.

If you want to call me cold, so be it. I prefer the cold of my blade against my cheek to showing up to battle with no weapon whatsoever. I no longer carry a spare sword for anyone. If you come to me for a weapon, perhaps I’ll help you seek your own. But I can no longer carry you, nor would I if I could.

Ask yourself what happens to a person who doesn’t pursue their dreams. What do you do when you are surrounded by people who have given up on themselves?

I’ll tell you what I am going to do, but I’m only going to say it once.

I’m going  against the grain. I’m going to act.

See you on the other side.


2 Responses to “Warriors Act.”

  1. Yes, you ARE a warrior. I’ve no doubt that you’ll meet every single goal you’ve set for yourself. And … as you well know, I’ll be there for you every single step of the way! LYF, bestie ❤

    • Well spoken Angel.
      In part, you walked into a battle with the move from coast to coast and you seem to have done so knowingly. This shows bravery and fortitude. Keep your eyes up and your weapon sharp, I’ll be there on the other side with you.

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