Chapter 21 – Payday!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s Friday. There’s a blizzard on its way over here, at least according to the news. I’m trying it ignore its presence seeing as it might spoil my weekend plans.


Life has become rather busy in the last two weeks. I’ve had to rearrange a few things to get this latest chapter of “Unbreakable” to my present and future readers in a timely fashion. Once again, J. Marie Ravenshaw has been kind and brave enough to help me with the editing process. I can write all I want to, but I cannot continue to infuse my work with excellence without her help. It’s not just about her discerning eye as a reader and a writer. She knows me, she knows my writing style, and she pulls no punches when it comes to her suggestions for improvement. Few can say that about their editors. Even fewer can say that about their truest friends. To me, she happens to be both.


Without further ado, I present chapter 21 of Unbreakable for your reading pleasure. Read it. Vote on it. Tell your friends about the craziness that ensues when two warriors attempt to keep monsters away from a boy with a dark past and no knowledge of his own potential.


Spread the word like butter.





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