Hello all. Follow the bouncing ball. It’s been a while. 🙂



I remember the blog post when I was about to declare myself in need of a separate blog. It didn’t take long for my girlfriend to scan my blog one day and point out to me that most of my last posts were about my writing projects. There was nothing personal written in any of them.


Most would have thought I was too busy to pick my head up and say hello to the rest of the world.  Most might still think that. It’s just a little bizarre to me that social networking could make my life’s moments an instant event to family and friends, and yet they can also keep people from connecting with each other in any real way.


The truth is life has been replete with change.


It’s a funny thing to be able to say that after I look in a mirror. I’m still short, and still devastatingly handsome. Well, the truth is I’ve gained some weight, but that might be because I’ve yet to get used to some changes in my routine, including eating habits.


I’m also still funny, though that comes in spurts.


I’ve been seeing someone for just over a month. She’s a belly dancer/modern dancer, grant writer, kickboxing superwoman who happens to like lynxes and be interested in the paranormal. She supports my writing as much as I support her dancing. Her intelligence and sensitivity can only be matched by her creative spark.


She’s also a babe.


Just last night, she geeked out with me. We watched the Robot Combat League on the Syfy channel while eating a dinner I cooked for us both and sipping on Blood Orange Smirnoffs. The apartment cat even came to sit with us. She’s trying to turn him into a “treat monster.”


Life was pretty close to perfect at that moment.


Some small part of me keeps waiting for the Gods to tell me she isn’t real, that she’s some sort of cruel hoax. That’s a dark part of me that I don’t always like.


The rest of me is happier than I’ve been in a long time.


Other things have happened, of course. I finally bit the bullet when it came to my first novel manuscript and I sent it to a publisher. I should consider sending it to others, but for right now, I’m still shocked that I went ahead and did it at all.


I’ve also begun the search for a new apartment and a new job.


I can sit here and preach all I want to about following dreams. When the itchy palms and the restless nights begin to consume me, I know it’s because I am doing things that are beyond my comfort zone. I have to accept that. Nobody can pursue their dreams without a great deal of risk.


Other friends of mine have moved on from their fears and frustrations to chase their own dreams. It takes a lot of work. I hope it’s worth it.


I’ve got a lot on my plate, as always. This isn’t even going to be a very long blog entry. But I promise you all one thing.


I’m alive.


P.S. Nobody beats an astronaut. Don’t ask.




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