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A Friend and Guide..

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I constantly marvel at the choices I make.

I started this past weekend with a tough decision. I had to choose whether or not to drop a potential job opportunity that I’d pursued for the past two weeks. 

The opportunity seemed to manifest at random. An employer that I’d applied to work with more than two years ago threw me a lifeline after a particularly nasty day at work. 

At least, that was my initial impression. 

In my experience, temp agencies are “middle men” who seem to solve problems for employers and potential employees. For employers looking for cheap, but reliable sources of labor, agencies are willing to headhunt in order to get the very best of candidates. For employees looking to switch careers or for those still seeking work, these agencies seem to close the gap between joblessness and the sense of fulfillment that comes from a worthwhile, lucrative career. 

I should have retained the lessons of my youth. Staffing agencies never close that gap completely..

But when a temp agency sends its best headhunter to talk up a lucrative but insecure work contract, it can look damn fine next to a less lucrative job where poor leadership rules, and a permissive workplace culture supports dysfunction.  

I had my moments of clarity. My current managers remind me, with plentiful examples of their uselessness, why I seek employment elsewhere. 

I found it easier to lose sight of the contract’s subtle details when I was busy quelling disasters at work. In fact, It wasn’t until the end of a brutal workweek that I finally had a chance to breathe and to look at the fine print. The sinking feeling in my gut told me everything I needed to know.

Dear Sir – You’ve asked me to leave a consistent job with a steady tour, union benefits, and medical insurance for a four month temporary contract with your agency that offers more pay, but demands that I essentially be “on call.” While offering no benefits and no medical insurance, the contract tempts me with the “possibility” of permanent placement with the employer to which you will sell my soul.. send me after my four month probationary period concludes. 

I just got married. We recently moved into a nice new apartment together. We love each other.

Thanks, but no thanks. 

Chloe walked with me when I called the headhunter. She nuzzled my leg when I backed out of the interview I would’ve had two days from now. She purred in my ear when I stuck to my guns, and she licked my cheek when I silently swore afterward. 

I still miss you Chloe, my furry friend and guide. 




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