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Chapters 1-5

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Howdy, readers.

It seems that the website for has evolved. Either that, or I’ve discovered a feature that’s new to me.  Each of the serials on the site now reports the number of votes that each story has obtained. I was able to hover the point of my mouse over my serial, “Unbreakable,” and read the total number of votes I’ve gotten so far for my five chapters. That number is 22. I’m happy!

I am able to see where I rank literally by looking at where the cover for “Unbreakable” is in relation to the other covers to other serials. It would seem that this can be done by genre.

I’ll just say I aim to be the best.

I think in time, I will garner more votes. I prefer to allow my writing to speak for itself. But I know my kick-ass  new cover is going to get more and more attention. It seems that people need to get onto the site and create an account to cast their votes. I urge as many of you as possible to do this. I just KNOW you’ll like my story, so I’ve no need to worry that you’ll sign up and cast a vote my way, right? 😉

I no longer feel a need to project a false humility about my talent. It’s there. But pure talent is not enough. Practice makes perfect, and there is no way for me to hone my craft if there are no readers to appreciate it.  So go, read, enjoy! The moment you elect to read more of my chapters, I get a vote. I just hope to keep my readers’ interest in the long run with my crazy imagination.

Chapter 6 of ‘Unbreakable’ will be arriving this Thursday. It’s already underway. Let’s just say things are about to take a turn ..

So It Begins

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Hello all. To make this entry easier to read, try opening each of the embedded links in a separate window. It may save your browser some chugging time and confusion. 


I’ve got my iron dipped in many a flame.

That was meant to sound like that. Trust me.

I’ll start with the most exciting news for yours truly. I’ve got two written stories that are about to go public. I’m not entirely sure which is coming first, so I’ll tell you about them in no particular order.

One of the stories is coming out in a two part Horror anthology from a publication known as Siren’s Call. Check out the link if you want more general information about the publication. I’ve actually tried to submit something to them twice, and it looks like the second time is the charm. Their upcoming  anthology is dubbed ‘Carnage : After the End.’ (Check the link for more information) There were so many good writers who contributed to Siren’s call this time that the staff must have felt the need to release a two volume extravaganza. Sweet! I am honored to be a part of it 🙂 Get the issue when it arrives, hot off the presses, and look for the story “Juliana” written by ‘Angel D. Callido,’ and you’ll find my piece. You won’t regret reading it!

The second story that is due for public perusal is called “Unbreakable.” Now before you all go jumping the gun, yes, I know there is a movie with the same title. I have never seen it, and I never knew of its existence until after the fact, of course. I can guarantee that this story has nothing to do whatsoever with the movie 🙂 It was selected to be among the many stories from talented writers included in a soon to debut web publication known as Jukepop Serials. I’m still in awe that this is even happening, but the premise behind this particular story is very different from Juliana. “Unbreakable” may or may not become a long running serial as a result of being a part of Jukepop. That’s all I’ll tell you about that. If you want to read the story again, that will have to happen once the serial comes to the spotlight sometime this month. More details to come soon 😉

As far as my first attempt at a book goes, I have long since finished writing the thing, but I am a little over half way through my first large edit. Since I don’t want to send a professional editor utter crap for my first draft, this counts as very good news to me. I am afraid I can’t give you anything to nibble on as a sampler until I know for sure what direction this book will take. Suffice it to say this is a Horror/Erotica piece. It may be known to some as “Horrotica,” but I have only ever heard that name uttered in select circles. I rather like it myself. It is .. delicious.

I am also in the middle of a large scale spring cleaning that turned into a major overhaul of my entire apartment. I’ll spare you the details of that ongoing mission, but let’s just say the end result is a lot more breathing room in an iddy biddy living space 😉

I also work, and the hours are about to become more or less full time. Working at a Barnes and Noble has proven to be an interesting experience in its own right. It is not as easy as one might think it is, but I have relearned the fine art of pleasing the customer. It’s gotten so that one of my managers from work has dubbed me “Colonel.” I’m okay with it 🙂

I have a habit of wearing military style BDU shorts and pants all the time. And I realized yesterday my black cap is also the same style. Go figure.

When I stop and consider what my last few weeks have been like, maybe the comparison is apt. I suit up, show up, do my job and led by example. I expect others to either keep up or move along.

Now one would think that with all these ducks lining up in such an orderly fashion in my duck pond that I would feel a sense of accomplishment; a sense of peace. This is not so. It is as Langston Hughs once wrote in one of his famous poems.

I have “miles to go before I sleep.”

I’ll just make the official announcement now that I won’t be recording these entries in my dulcet tones until some of the dust settles in my life. Hopefully, that will be sometime before October. I wouldn’t quote me on that, but I won’t stop blogging for my growing legion of the night .. I mean the masses of my unholy army .. oh alright, my readers 🙂

Speaking of recordings of my voice, I am also a part of a podcast, as you may or may not know by now, called “Manual Stimulation.” All three members of this podcast, including myself, are undergoing intense battles with looming deadlines and life in general. Fear not, however. The show shall return in its full glory! I just can’t guarantee exactly when!

That’s all I have for now. When the dust settles more on the looking projects I’m juggling, I will begin to record more of these blog entries for those who miss my voice. The words will always be here, and so will I.

For those who want to further the insanity, check out this link.

I stumbled onto this as I was thinking of my “iddy biddy livingspace” comment. .. Erm.  Enjoy! (runs away cackling)

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