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Here’s a Story for You…

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It occurred to me tonight that I missed writing short horror stories.  I wrote this one tonight just for fun.  It’s the first story of its ilk that I’ve written and liked.  It’s got a Psi Fi bent to it.  Enjoy!




When the bright white lights shone through my bedroom window one night when I was about 10 years old, I thought it was just my mother coming home from a late shift at the hospital.  Her 1994 Toyota Corolla did have unusually powerful headlights.  But it was only when the beams of light didn’t turn away, and I didn’t hear the crunch of gravel under the car tires that I knew something was wrong.


The lights must have been outside my bedroom window for about ten minutes before they swooped upward toward the sky.  I didn’t know what UFO’s were, but when I told my mom and dad about it the next day, they both shook their heads and smiled, sure that I had been “imagining” or “dreaming” wild things.


When the lights showed up again a week later, I wanted to run screaming for my parents, but something  held me in place; some unseen hands on my body, keeping my limbs from doing what my desperate mind was screaming at them to do.  I was able to turn my head, and I felt the wet stream of urine trickle down the inside of my thighs as my heart felt like it would burst from my chest.  My palms itched, and I was breathing so hard you would of thought I was sprinting in a decathlon.


Then I saw the glittering black orbs with vertical yellow slits outside my bedroom window, and I understood I wasn’t going to be able to burst out of there and fly to the loving embrace of my mother.  I was certain I wouldn’t get my dad to puff out his massive, barrel chest and scare the thing off the way he’d terrified schoolyard bullies into leaving me the hell alone.


And I knew that there were things in this universe so terrifying that they could make the screams die in my throat.


I went through Hell and back again after about six months of seeing those same eyes.  I’d been taken to countless doctors, seen every God damned shrink on the east coast that my parents could afford.  Nothing helped.  The lights kept coming back every week on the same fucking night.  They kept shining in my eyes and reminding me that nobody was coming to my rescue.


Finally, sometime after I turned thirteen, the lights didn’t shine in my window on the designated night.


They shone under my bedroom door instead.


Earlier that night, I’d watched milky white semen shoot off into my left hand after a few savage strokes.  I’d been thinking of fucking the hottest girl in my algebra class.  The moment I saw the slit of light under the bottom of my door, I thought of Sunday school lessons, and I was terrified that God had come to punish me for my sins.


Pain shot throughout my body as my hands desperately clawed at the ground, fighting not to be dragged toward my open bedroom door.  A fire seared my knee caps as they were scraped raw against an old, wooden floor.   I shut my eyes tight, hoping that mom and dad would somehow rescue me.  But they didn’t.


Next thing I knew, I lay in the darkness on my back on a cold slab of metal.  I was naked and shivering.  All I saw in the oppressive blackness was a cluster of at least six pairs of black, glittering, unblinking eyes. All had yellow slits, and all bore into my soul as they peered down at me.  The silence was deafening.


A cold, metal object suddenly clamped around the tip of my exposed penis and yanked forcefully upward.  Unblinking eyes continued to examine me with cold, clinical detachment.


I broke the silence with a universe – cracking scream.


I’d kept all memories of that night locked away for 20 years before I got into my own car tonight and drove out to the middle of nowhere.  I didn’t know where I was, but I somehow drove with purpose along a lonely, poorly lit stretch of road underneath the stars.  When I finally turned off the road and stopped in the middle of an isolated field of tall green grass, I stepped outside the vehicle and I knew.


They were here.


Underneath the dark canopy of an inky night sky lit by stars and a full moon, my skin burned underneath their cold stares.  But suddenly, I heard the rustling of grass in front of me and my heart hammered against my ribs.  I had the stupid thought that I should make a speech like Captain Kirk in his “we mean you no harm” Star Trek moments, but that thought died an ensign Johnson’s death as a man sized shadow suddenly loomed in front of me.  I wanted to run, but my legs wouldn’t cooperate.  My car engine died though I’d left the damn thing running.


The being stepped forward, and the shadows of the night crawled away from its features like spiders and bugs scampering off a corpse.  The creature had the barrel chest that I’d inherited from my now dead father.   It bore the same open legged stance that I used when I tried to intimidate.  Its nose was small and somewhat flat like mine, but it bore no mouth that I could see.


And its eyes!  Its eyes were shaped like mine, but there was no white in them.  Two yellow slits ran vertically down the middle of fathomless black pools that glittered underneath the moonlight with unmistakable malice.   Clear membranes closed and opened vertically in front of them, and the hairs at the back of my neck were at full attention.


It was when six tendrils slowly oozed from the back of the creature, extending themselves toward me like vipers about to strike that I finally shouted, holding up my hands to shield my body.


The creature’s reptilian eyes flared wide.  In my mind, I clearly heard one word.




I screamed before darkness took me.

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